First Aid (radio version)

Take your yoga mat (or whatever) and prepare for the emergency! The radio broadcast of the first aid training simulates the dispersed coming together of radio listeners as an emergency. No matter where you are, together and apart at the same time, practice new relationships with each other with the help of your radio!

Optional training material: any kind of (sports-)ball you have and a rescue blanket (any blanket can be a rescue blanket).

photos: Falczyk/Herschel, Sophia Scherer

Previous dates

THEATERNATUR – Festival of Performing Arts

26/06/2021 International Schiller Days, National Theater Mannheim 

First Aid (radio version) is a production of Felix Falczyk and Johanna Herschel in cooperation with the International Schiller Days 2021/ National Theater Mannheim. Supported by the Hessian Theater Academy.