Demonstration with money

Ballhaus Ost, Berlin (25/05/2023)

In the performance "Demonstration with money" we simulate a form of demonstration that does not (yet) exist. By demonstrating with money we try to unlearn our relationship to money and to develop a demonstration that could radically question the public order.

In the performance we misuse the capabilities of imagining a space and time different from reality, which are accumulated in money. We use this force of abstraction that lies at the origin of money and constitutes its power for a simulation. By (re-)appropriating the potentiality of money for interactions, movements and desires we gain the tool to speculate on a different collective interest. The purchasing power of money turns into a power of assembly, a medium of separation into a medium of gathering.

In a collective listening set-up, banknotes become the material for an experience that turns the everyday use of money upside down. Two performers equipped with a megaphone organize the simulated gathering of protesters. In several tracks the text is guiding the construction of the situation, spatializing processes of reflection, memory and imagination. The participants reposition themselves again and again, rehearse a gesture together and become each other's extras of an unreal experience.

photos: David Bruckmüller

The performance Demonstration with money was presented as part of the double feature Situationstraining in Ballhaus Ost Berlin. Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste within the program NEUSTART KULTUR #TakeHeart in form of a residency grant in cooperation with Theater im Ballsaal Bonn and Mousonturm Frankfurt.