Performance Research with Dummys


Dummys can be used to simulate situations that only occur in life as emergencies or exceptions. They can be used to practice skills or test their effectiveness. From the crash-test dummy as a measuring body for industry to the resuscitation dummy as a training device, a specific use is formulated for each dummy.

In the course of the imposed exit restrictions and contact ban during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, we documented a performance with dummies. Dummys were used because the gathering of a group of people (audience) could not take place under the given conditions. In our performance research with dummys, we compare different uses of dummies and put them in a certain order: simulation, performance and evaluation. The aim of this artistic research is to put up for discussion an expanded concept of performance and theatre.

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 German Forum for Puppet Theatre and Puppetry Art, FIDENA Research Centre Bochum

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