Demonstration with money 

“Umverteilen!” Berlin (12/11/2022)

In our search for a misappropriation of money, we asked how we could devalue and misuse money as a means of payment or exchange. Instead of taking our money to a store and exchanging it for goods, we take our money to the streets with the purpose to gather together. Demonstrating with money not only shows the feelings we personally associate with money and its use to which we have become habituated. Demonstrating with money shows, above all, what force money has and how this force could organize us collectively. Let’s misuse the force of money to reorganize ourselves!

A world turned upside-down appears in the gesture: Money is transformed from a medium of social relations of commodity owners to a means of revolt against the logic of capital. Demonstrating with money becomes a gesture of dis-subjugation.

Drawing on these ideas, we developed a practice of intervention in 2022. Here, the gesture of demonstrating with money is explored on a level of joining existing demonstrations.

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste within the program NEUSTART KULTUR #TakeHeart in form of a residency grant in cooperation with Mousonturm Frankfurt.