Movement research to radio news

In the movement research to radio news we explore a different relationship to news. We experiment with dance and movement as modes of deep listening. Can we misuse dance to amplify our relationship to radio news?

By hearing news as a choreography that informs our daily lifes, we try to translate the different information into concrete dances. Through this process of defamiliarization, we try to dissolve the economy in which we take news for granted as we become habituated to them. Getting used to a pattern becomes a (dance) exercise.

In analogy to a popular public German radio news broadcast we developed a score, with which you can do the movement research on your own.

Click here to receive the score: ︎

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste within the program NEUSTART KULTUR #TakeHeart in form of a residency grant in cooperation with Theaterlabor Bielefeld.